Altered book 1

This notebook was created in a copy of Alzada Carlisle Kistner’s An Affair with Africa: Expeditions and Adventures from Across a Continent (1998 about events which happened in the 1960s and 1970s). I found this book in a charity shop and it happened to meet my requirements for size, paper quality and not a rare volume. I read quite a bit of it but as I was largely working on pages in random order, I read them just before I worked on them rather than reading from start to finish. I can’t say I enjoyed what I read – it was quite a frustrating read for me and I didn’t read all of it (early spreads were exercises in obliteration in response to my frustration at the author’s meek acceptance of being told to ‘not get in the way’ of her husband’s career and consequently abandoning her own doctoral research plans). The content of the published book has no relationship to the content I created in it except where it prompted an obliterative response.

Only selected pages from this volume are available for reasons of copyright. Not all pages are dated because I was starting to experiment with working on random pages rather than adding content sequentially – thus, I was not tracking which pages worked on when and the dates that are included here have generally been determined from my memories linking their creation to other (tracked) events, such as travel.