Altered book 2 (Britten)

This notebook was created in a damaged copy of Eric Walter White’s Benjamin Britten: A Sketch of His Life and Ideas from 1948. The choice of book was influenced by my working on TURN (aka ‘Britten Variations’) at the time. Yes I did read it, but as I was working on pages in random order, I read them just before I worked on them rather than reading from start to finish (as with the first altered book).

This book was in use from 25 June 2018 to 10 January 2019. Due to copyright considerations, not all pages are included here.

Not all pages are dated because I was working on random pages rather than adding content sequentially (the pages are shown here in the order they appear in the book) – thus, I was not always tracking which pages I worked on when. The dates that are included here have generally been determined from in-situ photographs of completed spreads, and my memories linking their creation to other (tracked) events, such as travel. As such, while start and end dates for the volume have been verified (from photographs I posted on social media at the time), individual dates given here may not be entirely accurate (but should be close).