Altered book 3 (Haydn)

This volume was created in a secondhand copy of a pocket score of Joseph Haydn’s Symphony No. 102. This score was chosen in order to experiment with using notation instead of text as the underlying ‘noise’ in the altered book, and I settled on Haydn because the visual rhythm of his notation was more appealing to me than other pocket score options I had to choose from at the time. I did not endeavour to read the score (or indeed seek out a recording of the piece) while using this book and found the notation mostly irrelevant or visually annoying (so many parallel lines!) to work against. However, the visibility of the notation in this book was important for the future life of these pages, several of which were used as graphic scores for HAYDN SPACE OPERA and scraps of Haydn’s work found their way into that piece.

Like the other altered books, pages were completed at random and dating specific spreads may be slightly inaccurate – I have determined dates via dates on in-situ photographs taken on completion of a spread, and my recollection of surrounding events. The use of this book overlaps with beginning to use the hybrid format, so dating becomes more accurate from March 2019 when I began to note in the hybrid books page numbers of work done in this book.

This book was in use from 11 January 2019 to 19 August 2019. Due to copyright considerations, not all pages are included here.