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Each page linked below displays all the pages on this site which contain annotations or documentation relating to the development of the selected piece. While this is not 100% of the work done on a piece (e.g. improvisation, workshops, thinking) because the notebooks are at the centre of my practice, these give a fair idea of flurries of activity, pauses in progress, and overall duration of work on a piece – often lasting beyond the first performance as preparing for any performance inevitably gives rise to new ideas and refinements.

Note that as I often work on more than one piece at a time, it may not always be clear what the content is that relates to the current piece, which may be as small as a reminder to email my collaborator, print something, or a pasted-in photo of a painting I saw in a gallery which somehow affected my thinking.

If you wish to see an entry in context, please use the dates given to find the relevant page and book in the View by notebook list, to be able to see the surrounding days’ entries.

Titles without links are waiting for permission from the other artists involved to publish, pieces that were started more recently than the latest notebook, or they are pieces/snippets that have not yet been tagged.

Current work

Completed work

Pending and abandoned/incomplete work

  • New chamber ensemble commission (pending funding – this material will be held back until the commission is confirmed and announced or until the project is abandoned)
  • TURN  (with Amy Jolly – on hold until we’ve both finished our PhDs)
  • Floor Piece (incomplete)
  • Room Maps (abandoned)
  • Shroud (with Kaths Kaff)
  • Untitled piece for Mocrep (abandoned)
  • Untitled piece for Plus-Minus (abandoned)