Haydn Space Opera

Development progression

  1. Working sessions in the altered books at Replay Espresso, Turramurra (Sydney) – capturing coffee videos in these sessions (Oct 2018) and working through ideas about TURN and Quiet Songs in written/drawn notebook spreads (2018-19) that would become the graphic scores for the November 2019 workshop sessions.
  2. Interest in incomprehensibility sparked by hearing a piece by Georges Aperghis (September-October 2019).
  3. Followed up with an exploration of his work, thinking about making a vocal piece for myself.
  4. Considering the use of text from the margins of the notebook pages (was working with this for TURN).
  5. Thinking about how to involve Bastard Assignments (what instruments would they play).
  6. Decision to experiment with using the notebooks (specifically the Britten and Haydn volumes) as graphic scores in a Bastard Assignments workshop session (November 2019).
  7. After an extremely successful (recorded) workshop, experimented with making scores (January 2020) to distil the best bits of the graphic score work to be a piece for in-person performance at Kettle’s Yard (not a success).
  8. After the pandemic hit, tested out transferring ideas to Zoom as part of the Bastard Assignments Lockdown Jams (esp. the incomprehensibility aspect/mumbling about work in progress).
  9. Workshop on Mozilla Hubs.
  10. Set about creating the piece in Hubs, using the recordings from the original graphic score workshop. This required me to not only learn Hubs but also Blender. Test sessions with Bastard Assignments (July 2020) and Open Scores Lab (January 2021).
  11. Launched at SparkFest, 10-23 May 2021.
  12. Fixes needed in response to Hubs upgrades (broke relative sound levels in the piece and corrected a bug), creation of video walkthroughs for accessibility and archiving purposes.
  13. Programmed at Electric Medway, 21-30 August 2021.
  14. Restarted work on The Corridor (April 2022).
  15. Playtest of The Corridor with Open Scores Lab (May 2023).
  16. Reported bug in Mozilla Hubs, where after leaving a room where placing and pinning of objects is enabled, those objects follow you into other rooms (May 2023 – this bug was confirmed by the development team but never fixed).
  17. Mozilla announcement of the closure of the Mozilla Hubs platform on 31 May 2024 (February 2024).
  18. Completion of ‘The Corridor’ (March 2024).

Abbreviation: HSO
Collaborators and contributors: Bastard Assignments (initials E, T and J), Open Scores Lab (abbreviation OSL, further assistance with testing from HM)

In development (this content therefore is incomplete). First ‘performance’ at SparkFest May 10-23 2021.