‘As if unobserved’

This site is the practical result of three years’ work reshaping my composition practice as carried out in my notebooks to create a suitable balance of private (for my needs as a composer) and public (to allow my notebooks to be published as whole volumes) – and then another year sorting out how to make all this material perusable on this site.

In 2020 I presented a conference paper on how I went about making changes to my practice to enable me to publish while not inhibiting my composing, and the final result is a book chapter titled ‘As If Unobserved: Experiments towards a publicly visible composition practice’, published in Experience Music Experiment: Pragmatism and Artistic Research, edited by William Brooks and published by the Orpheus Institute in their Orpheus Institute Series.

Experience Music Experiment book coverThe book is available as either paperback or ebook from Orpheus Institute at https://orpheusinstituut.be/en/publications/experience-music-experiment (or of course, request it from your institution library!) and you can peruse the table of contents there if you click through to Order Publication.